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Emilee & Andrew | Fayetteville Engagement


June 3, 2020


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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal about my life, travels, and the memories I capture. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm amanda.


Finally after 2 whole months I am finally back behind the camera and I couldn’t be more excited!! I kicked off my return with Emilee and Andrew’s adorable engagement session!

And let me tell you, the curveballs were thrown at us in typical 2020 fashion. The day of their session was a beautiful sunny day that called for clear skies and a perfect evening for their session! But then the forecast changed drastically literally within a half hour of when we were supposed to start. As Tim and I were driving I kept updating my weather app. And the percentage kept going up and up. By the time we got there it was saying it would be thunder storming by 7 (we were supposed to start at 6:30).

Thankfully we had all gotten there early and decided to go ahead and get started by 6:15. As we began to start there were massive black clouds in front of us moving quick. I found this pretty spot along the tracks where the sky behind Emilee and Andrew was still light. We dove into their session quickly. But literally within 6 minutes of starting the session the skies let loose and it started torrential down pouring!

Thankfully Tim was with us and he is good at reading the clouds and weather. He was keeping an eye on the sky and 6 minutes in said, “we need to go now!” We grabbed our stuff and ran to our cars. The timing was perfect because no joke, seconds after getting in our cars the skies let loose. It was a torrential downpour like no other with high winds, lightning, and thunder.

At this point we were unsure of what to do. The pouring rain was clearly not letting up anytime soon. I wasn’t familiar with the area since it was an hour and a half from where I live. But even if I was familiar, everything inside was closed because of coronavirus anyways! And on top of that, there was no opportunity to reschedule as this was the ONLY day we could do their session.

But we made the best of things and decided to drive around in downtown historic Fayetteville. We were on a mission to find a covered spot out of the rain. As we were driving through down we came across this super cute covered train station.

Emilee and Andrew were such troopers and just went with it and the result was magical! Even though it was pouring rain the whole time. Salons were closed for haircuts. And we ended up photographing their session on the fly at a location that was the backup of what was already their backup location. These two loved on each other and made lemonade out of lemons!!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet Emilee and Andrew and capture this special time in their life! The circumstances might have been wild and unexpected but it tells the story of a special relationship. One that can stand through the unexpected twists and turns life throws your way. Smiling and holding hands through it because what really matters is you get through it together!

Congratulations Emilee and Andrew! I wish you so many years of happiness and going through life hand in hand ahead! Enjoy some favorites from your session!

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Hi, I'm Amanda! Welcome to my blog, a journal about my life, travels, and the memories I capture. Stay a while and say hello!

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