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Mandy & Bryce | German Village Engagement Session


June 17, 2020


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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal about my life, travels, and the memories I capture. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm amanda.


I finally was able to meet Mandy and Bryce for their engagement session a few weeks back in German Village. We had rescheduled multiple time over a matter of months due to covid and then weather. So when we finally got to meet up for their session I was pretty excited!

We had the BEST time hanging out during their session. The sun never came out like it was supposed to but it didn’t matter because Mandy and Bryce’s joyful disposition shined so bright! These two were seriously such a joy to hang out with and it felt like spending the evening with old friends. We laughed the evening away and Mandy and Bryce were so loving and playful together as we explored German Village and Schillar Park together.

Mandy and Bryce first met at work back in 2017. Mandy said on the first day of the job she saw Bryce and thought he looked cool. But when their eyes met, he gave her a really rude look (Bryce does not remember this). She was confused and hurt; but secretly made it her mission to get him to like her. On her second day she needed him to create a Facebook post for the company and all he said was “uh huh”. Later that day, she sent him an IM asking him about what he does and his job.

At some point they started talking about how much they love Goosebumps. Eventually, this lead to them spending a ton of time together at work and outside of the office. And they’ve been inseparable ever since!

For Mandy and Bryce’s second anniversary they decided to go to Pittsburgh. Bryce informed Mandy he forgot to buy her a anniversary gift after she had given him a expensive bottle of scotch. Which hurt her feelings, but little did she know the next day he would be giving her the greatest gift of all; his love. It was extremely hot on the actual day of their second anniversary (July 4th). So after breakfast they walked back to their airbnb, cleaned up, and got dressed for the art museum.

Mandy told Bryce that she would not be redoing my makeup or hair or changing outfits. After telling Bryce this, he told her that she was beautiful and didn’t need to worry about it so she didn’t. When they got to the museum it was pouring rain. However, Bryce kept looking outside and mentioning the botanical gardens. Mandy told him they could always come back in the fall and that the day was perfect already.

They spent around 3 hours looking at all of the art and the natural history sections. Finally, they got to Matisse’s water lily piece. This piece means so much to Mandy as it is her mom’s favorite painter. Every time they would go to the Dallas art museum together they would sit and stare at his work. So Mandy and Bryce sat alone together in front of this piece enjoying it’s beauty. Then Mandy looked over towards Bryce and he was smiling with this gorgeous velvet ring box in his hand.

Mandy was in so much shock that she instantly thought “oh Bryce is showing me his ring collection”. Mandy says she can’t remember what he said and Bryce said he had a whole speech planned but nothing came out but a smile haha. Then Mandy said, “All I could do was smile and tell him yes with head nods and gibberish. It was as if time stopped and it was just us. And in an instant time came back and everything was happening so quickly. All I could say was, we are getting married and I’m so happy.” Like oh my goodness how sweet of a proposal story is that?!

Congratulations Mandy and Bryce! I am so incredibly happy for you and absolutely can’t wait to celebrate with you in October. Enjoy some favorites from your session!

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Hi, I'm Amanda! Welcome to my blog, a journal about my life, travels, and the memories I capture. Stay a while and say hello!

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